Dead Sea at Dusk, Israel


Question:In the spoken words are there vibrations of air,

as science teaches, or are there still more inner, finer vibrations?


Answer:There are finer vibrations.The vibrations of the air are nothing.

Every word has a breath behind it, andbreath has a spiritual vibration.

So the action of the breath vibrates physically,

yet at the same time breath itself is an electric current.

Breath is not only the air, but an electric current also:

therefore it is an inner vibration.

(The Mysticism of Sound and Music, Vol. II, Music, pp. 79-80)


Itwould be no exaggeration, according to the mystical point of view,

to say that breath connects heaven and earth.

It is the mystery of breath that shows the mystic that life is not the material part of manís being,

but consists of the part of his being which is unseen.

Breath is the bridge between soul and body keeping the two connected,

and the medium of their action and reaction upon each other.

(Sufi Teachings:The Art of Being, p. 62)




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