Doing Our Own Work

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Freedom is the object of all esoteric schools,

but one must not make the mistake of thinking

that one can begin with that which is the end.

To expect liberty in the beginning is to be like the seed thinking,

I must be a tree at once and bear fruit.

The fruit is the outcome and object, the culmination if its existence;

so is freedom the result of the journey.

The path of freedom is an ideal,

to understand the real meaning of which is not everyone's work.

(Gathekas, Different Schools of Sufism, The Sufi Message)


Now the question is, how are we to set to work?

It is difficult to answer,

because we all have our own way of working in the world,

and one form of work cannot be adopted by all.

It must be remembered that a great sacrifice on the part of the worker is necessary.

Without sacrifice workers will not be able to fulfill their mission.

You will have to stand opposition from your friends and acquaintances;

there will be a monetary sacrifice to be made if the occasion arises.

In addition to action, a great deal of time will have to be sacrificed.

You will have to sacrifice the desire for appreciation.

Work and the reward of the work is the satisfaction that "I have done it."

You will be hindered by those who oppose and also by those who sympathize,

by the bitterness of some and by the ignorance of some.

It would be easy, if you were sensitive, to take up the work one day and give it up the next day.

It will need a great deal of courage to go on with it against all sorts of opposition.

(Gathekas, Our Sacred Task: The Message)

©2004 The Ziraat Concentration of North America

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