Rock Slide at Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario



Man has not been born on the earth to eat and drink and sleep,

as all the lower creatures do,

but he has been born on earth to learn how to use this fertile earth to its best advantage,

how to appreciate the treasures this earth holds, and how to use them rightly. 

And it is thus that man becomes connected with the earth. 

The soul comes from heaven and its connection with the earth

has in it a secret which leads towards the purpose of life.

(The Inner Life, Vol. I, The Purpose of Life, p. 218)


The kingdom of God, which is heaven, then comes on earth. 

It does not mean that it disappears from heaven,

but it means that not only heaven remains as a kingdom,

but even earth becomes a kingdom of heaven. 

The purpose behind the whole of this creation is

that heaven may be realized on earth;

for if one does not realize it on earth, one cannot realize it in heaven.

(The Unity of Religious Ideals, Vol. IX, Part IV, Jesus, p. 192)



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