Autumn Ziraat Message

by Kainat Sharifa Norton

"True exaltation of the spirit resides in the fact that it has come to earth
nd has realized there its spiritual existence."       Hazrat Inayat Khan    

In autumn as we observe the trees shedding their leaves and the natural world sinking closer into its depths and roots we receive a wonderful message from nature. In our mechanized culture great value is placed on accumulation and acquisition. Watching the cycles in nature, we see with great relief, that we can learn much from the process of release and of letting go. In the Ziraat teachings as given by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan there is an emphasis on returning and restoring to our natural self and to the natural state. We begin to see how much we have built up and accrued; concepts, assumptions, opinions, assessments, a false identity. It follows that our task is "to remove the covers"; to unlearn, unveil, to unmask and let go of the false self and the covers we have acquired.

The Rumi poem below expresses the desire to live in essence, in truth, in the ground of being. Ziraat, with its strong focus on the purification and cultivation of the field of the mind guides us to our responsibility of our work on this farm: "This ploughing is done to remove the weeds of illusion" (Buddha) and that Mind in its essence is far superior to all the thoughts it contains.

So in this season of letting go and sinking more deeply to the roots, to the ground of being, may we be inspired to see the value of releasing the false concepts we have built up and rejoice in unlearning and not knowing, going into the depths of black light with faith. Bare essence is continually humming within the coming and goings. Ya Hayyo (O Life, the Alive) /Ya Qayyum (O the Eternal, Self-Subsisting), the ever changing life and the eternal co-existing and dancing together May we drink in the deep draughts of this wine of truth.  


This we have now
is not imagination
this is not grief
not joy
this is not judgment
this is not elation
this we have now does not come and go
When grapes turn to wine
they're wanting this
When the night sky pours by
it's wanting this
Inside the friend
one simple truth
inside the truth
this we are now "   Rumi

 1) Find a quiet moment to sit and start to exhale with a sigh. After some breaths the sigh becomes softer and changes into a breeze. Allow the air to drain out the mind. Thoughts and feelings are dissolved in the air.
While inhaling feel the air touching gently the inner walls of the nostrils, the eyes and the forehead and the brain are relaxing.
2) Become fully aware of the flow of the breath, its rhythm and after a while feel how the breath becomes slightly softer.
3) Be aware of the rhythm of the breath and feel the rhythm of the heart at the same time, witnessing the dance of spirit and matter inside your own body.
4) After a while try to feel the echo of the heart pulsing in your hands, around your shoulders and head and slowly the pulsing felt all around the body as a kind of pulsing layer or skin. Then inhale and exhale through the pulsing magnetic field and feel how it will gently extend and start to move like a wave.
5) You can feel the magnetic field surrounding you like a Mandala and the body and soul inside as a seed fertilized by the ebb and flow of a cosmic breath.
6) Give up any concentration and stay a moment in peace and silence. The mystery of life is in us.

Love and Warm Blessings,
Kainat Sharifa Norton, Ziraat, North America

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