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Watchword:  Joy


In the first place one asks, "What is the heart? Where is the heart?"

One is accustomed to saying that the heart is in the breast. Yes, that is true.

There is a nerve center in the breast of everyone

which has so much to do with the feelings that the heart is always pictured in the breast,

that center which is most sensitive to our feelings.

When a person is feeling great joy, in that center one feels something light up,

and by the lighting up of that center the whole person seems light.

The person feels as if he or she flew, there is a great joy in his or her life.

(Gathekas, Sufi Mysticism, III:  Preparing the Heart for Love)


It is therefore that the Sufi seeks God as his love, lover and beloved,

his treasure, his possession, his honor, his joy, his peace;

and this attainment in its perfection alone fulfills all demands of life both here and hereafter.

(The Way of Illumination, Some Aspects of Sufism, The Purpose of Life)

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