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Sunflower in a garden


Watchword:  Hope


My thoughts I have sown on the soil of your mind; 

My love has penetrated your heart; 

My word I have put into your mouth; 

My light has illuminated your whole being; 

My work I have given into your hand.

(The Complete  Sayings of Hazrat  Inayat Khan, Vadan, Alapas (675), p. 81)


If there are seeds which you sow in the ground, they take root and a plant comes. 

But in order for the plant to be fruitful it takes ten years. 

This is the spiritual sowing.  It might take a much longer time in some cases. 

In some cases the next day the result might show. 

There are some plants which come quicker, others which take time to bear fruit. 

But still the spiritual sowing has its result, and a sure result. 

Never therefore to doubt, to be discouraged, to give up hope;

but to continue, persevering in this path. (The Supplementary Papers)




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