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The Work of Ziraat by Kainat Felicia Norton

The work of Ziraat is deeply rooted in the esoteric teachings of the Sufi Order. As the last Activity which Hazrat Inayat Khan inaugurated, Ziraat draws from and extends the work of each of the other Activities: healing of the individual soul and of the planet; kinship in our mutual interdependence with the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity; and realizing life itself as a universal worship celebration, honoring the unity and truth at the core of all the great spiritual traditions and prophetic teachings.

The meaning of Ziraat is profound and mysterious, ever-revealing of deeper and deeper levels. Its symbology derives from agriculture, from ploughing and cultivation of the land, from planting and caring for the seed until it becomes a fully blossoming plant. At one most basic level, Ziraat serves to remind us of our sacred relationship with the Creator and with nature, and the crucial need at this time to restore the fragile balance necessary to sustain life on this planet.

At another level, Ziraat informs us that the first place for the work of protecting the life around us is inside of us. Here, the farm symbolizes the mind, and Ziraat focuses on the purification of the mind and the restoration of our natural and true self. Here, the “work” of Ziraat consists of allowing all the old roots and stems of past harvests to be uprooted, in order that new life may emerge from the fertile earth of our souls. Here also, we come to recognize, by the action of the Divine in our lives, an intimate love relationship and alchemy.

But what is Ziraat's unique purpose? We can gain a clue of Hazrat Inayat Khan's motivation from his words.

Although in essence, even after touching the deepest depths of the earth, the soul is divine, in order to realize for itself that Divine Element it has a task waiting even after being human. It is the manner in which that task is accomplished, and the object gained which is called Ziraat......... Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Ziraat has to do with the completion and fulfillment of the journey of spiritual awakening. It is a journey of purification, of ploughing, of digging to uncover the seed of the divine in the human heart, and of bringing this seed to fruition. It teaches how we make a bridge between heaven and earth in our lives, each in our most unique way. And Ziraat has to do with how we harmonize our human will to the Divine Will, how we unite with our divine essence and how we bring the light and spirit of our beings most fully into life.

All Blessings,
Kainat Felicia Norton

International Head of the Ziraat Activity


Let the heavens be reflected on the Earth, Lord,

that the Earth may turn into Heaven.



"The work of the Sufi Movement is not to collect all the rainwater in its
own tanks, but to work and make a way for the stream of the message to flow, supplying water to the fields of the world.

The work of the Sufi mission is sowing; reaping we shall leave to humanity to do for the fields do not belong to our particular movement; and all the fields belong to God. We who are employed on this farm of the world, to do the work, we must do, and leave the rest to God.

Success we do not trouble about, and those who strive
for it, let them seek in some other directions. Truth alone is our success, for lasting success is truth."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

From: The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan - SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS GATHEKAS


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