The Farm

Hancock Shaker Village, Barn and Garden 



For what purpose have we assembled here?

For farming.

The Ziraat Dialogue


So is the life of an individual in this world:  every person has his farm. 

There are some who sow thorns, and when the thorns have sprung up

and become painful, they say, ‘Why did we do this’

or they say, ‘I am so tired of this farm, I wish I were not here.’ 

They wish they could be taken away from that farm

and placed in a farm where flowers and fruits are already growing,

without having to take the trouble of sowing. 

But that is against the law.  Man is intended to live on his farm,

and all through life he is sowing what will be his hereafter. 

Heaven and hell are not made ready for a person after his life on earth. 

The same farm that is given to man is hereafter turned into his heaven or hell. 

So man must build heaven now on the farm that is already in his possession. 

He must put into it all that he likes and loves,

and remove from it all that is hurtful, harmful, or disagreeable,

making now, while on earth, his farm of the nature of heaven

– which in the hereafter will culminate into a perfect heaven.

(Sufi Teachings:  The Art of Being, pp. 77 – 78)


The Spirit of Guidance is the Light of God,

which may be likened to a lantern

that the farmer carries when walking

on the farm in the darkness of night.

(The Unity of Religious Ideals, Vol. IX, p. 140)




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