The Harrow


Harrow in the Woods


Watchword:  Courage


What has happened, has happened;

what I am going through, I shall rise above;

and what will come, I will meet with courage.

(Healing and the Mind World, Vol. 4, p.    )


When the centers of the body are awakened and at work,

then the soul experiences life more clearly,

and naturally clouds which give depression clear away. 

The soul begins to look forward to life with hope,

with trust, and with courage;

and thus attains that power and understanding

which is needed in the struggle for Life.

(The Inner Life, Vol. I, The Soul Whence and Whither, Manifestation, p. 152)


In the true sense of the word “initiation,” the word itself is its meaning. 

Initiation means taking an initiative in the direction which is not generally understood by others. 

Therefore, initiation needs courage and the tendency to advance spiritually,

although it may not seem to be the way of everyone in life. 

Therefore the first duty of a mureed is not to be shaken in faith

by any opposing influence or anything said against the path one has taken.

 One must not allow oneself to be discouraged by anyone. 

The mureed must be so firm in their path,

that if the whole world says “It is a wrong path,”

the mureed says, “It is the right path.”

(Gathekas, Gatheka 8, The Path of Initiation)




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