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The Plough

Plough in a Field


Watchword:  Toil


Those who have shown great inspiration and who have given to the world

precious words of wisdom, they were the farmers who ploughed furrows in the soil of the heart.

(Social and Religious Gathekas, Poetry -1)


The light of reason working with full power unravels the mental knots. 

A knot is a limited reason.  When one unravels it, its limitation is taken away, it is open. 

And when the mind becomes smooth by unlearning and by digging out all impressions,

of good and bad, of right and wrong, then ground of the heart

becomes as cultivated ground, just as the land does after ploughing. 

All the old stumps and roots and pebbles and rocks are taken off,

and it is made into ground which is now ready for the sowing of the seed. 

But if there are rocks and stones and bricks still scattered there,

and still some of the old roots lying there, then it is difficult for the seed to be sown;

the ground is not in the condition the farmer wishes it to be.

(The Inner Life, Vol I,  p. 94)


There is the time of ploughing, there is the time of sowing, and there is the

time of reaping the harvest; it is not all done at the same time.

(The Art of Personality; Education; The Training of Youth, p. 103)


The reformer comes to plough the ground;

the prophet comes to sow the seed; and the priest comes to reap the harvest.

(Bowl of Saki)



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