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Watchword:  Strength


Nothing in the world could give man the strength that is needed

to live a life on the earth if there were not blessings from heaven

reaching him from time to time, of which he is so little aware.

(The Inner Life, Vol. I, The Soul, Whence and Whither? Manifestation)


Always hope for the best, and we certainly shall have the best.

What we can do is to make ourselves strong enough to go through life on earth;

and it is only by this strength of conviction that by whatever path we journey,

we shall arrive at the spiritual goal; and whatever be our life, professional, industrial,

commercial, it does not matter, we shall live religion,

Nature's religion, turning our life into a religion, making of our life a religion.

And so even with every earthly success,

we shall be taking steps towards spiritual attainment.

(The Purpose of Life)


Intensity of activity produces strong vibrations named in Sufi terms jelal;

gentleness of activity causes mild vibrations called jemal.

The former activity works as strength and power,

the latter as beauty and grace. The conflict of both these forces

is termed kemal, and causes nothing but destruction.

(The Mysticism of Sound and Music, The Mysticism of Sound, Vibrations)

©2003 The Ziraat Concentration of North America