Lake Ontario, Chimney Bluffs


Dig my heart, Beloved, and Thou wilt find in its depth the spring of Thy love.

(The Complete Works, Sayings I, p. 306)


The water which washes the heart is the continual running of the love-stream.

(Ibid., p. 101)


As water is the cleansing and purifying element  in the physical world,

so love performs the same service on the higher planes.

(The Complete Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Gayan/Chalas (430), p. 43)


Water is the most responsive substance; it partakes of the colour and effect of everything.

(Healing and the Mind World, Vol. IV., Health, p. 80)


The subtle personality is as pliable as running water,

everything that comes before that personality is reflected in it

as clearly as the image in the pure water.

(The Art of Personality, Vol. III, Character-Building and the Art of Personality, p. 203)





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