By Kainat Felicia Norton

O, Space ! Symbol of Divine Silence, we passively offer our homage to Thee.
—From Harrower Papers of the Ziraat Papers of Hazrat Inayat Khan

Wide space, the womb of my heart, conceive my thought, I pray, and give birth to my desire.
—Hazrat Inayat Khan

In winter, we enter into the depths of silence, peace, and repose, and receive Nature’s message to go into our roots and restore. We attune to the ever glistening light deep within the dark womb of being. This is a time for spaciousness. The seed is buried deep within the dark depths of the earth and nurtured there. The state of the seed is the ether state; all the elements are together undifferentiated, in the state of unknowing, the midnight sun, faith beyond form. We attune to empty, naked space and the stillness that allows connection with a deeper stratum of the heart. Letting go of assumptions, willing to face the unknown we enter into Presence. In the stripping bare, in this empty field something new can be born. Breathing into this, trusting the process. This spaciousness gives the glimmering of new possibility and emerging light.

Winter is a time of dreams, of envisioning within unconscious depths. All creation comes first out of the yin, the dark depths. Early Light shines in the darkness, the midnight sun rises and rises and new life begins to stir beneath the earth hidden from view. Yet, within this depth of stillness we find ourselves in a world in great transition and uncertainty.

The world is evolving from imperfection towards perfection; it needs all love and sympathy;
great tenderness and watchfulness is required from each one of us.

—Hazrat Inayat Khan

No spiritual practice can be liberating if it isn't also deeply challenging. So our practice is not meant to lull us to sleep but to cultivate responsiveness. Drawing upon our inner cultivation we are asked to be responsive to the world, to awaken in life with the fortitude, light and wisdom of our cultivated hearts. New light emerges out of the dark void from within and begins to touch light radiating from others and we start to connect. We feel a new network of light in the world rising. The light of the radiant heart connection testifying to the sacred interconnectedness of all life. The Native peoples and many others who stayed courageously with protecting sacred land and waters opposing the Dakota pipeline are exemplary of those working with an awakened heart of peace, justice and sacred activism. Our practice is to stay awake within our current time and hear the call of where we can be of help and unite. To be the change we want to see, to live who we truly are, to uphold our true values, to uphold the Sacred Unity of all Being.

May we hear and respond to the call of Murshid:

Keep burning the fire I have lighted.
It may seem very small to you, but one tiny flame, if kept burning, can be the means of illuminating a whole city,
and someday many lamps that shall be lighted at this small fire will give light to thousands.
This fire of truth is now lighted, and its light will never go out.
Your work is to tend it and keep it burning.
The fuel needed is your every thought, your faith, your prayers, and your sacrifices.
You cannot see the result of this.
Light can never be lost.
I have kindled this small fire from which millions of lamps can be lit.
Their number cannot be reckoned, and millions upon millions of other fires can now be lighted.

May we be active participants in this web of interconnecting lights of awakening connecting across the globe.

Warm Blessings,
Kainat Felicia Norton
International Ziraat Activity