The sound of ether is self-contained, and it holds all forms and colors. It is the base of all sounds,

and is the undertone which is ever continuous. Its instrument is the human body,

because it can be audible through it. Although it is all pervading, yet it is unheard.

It manifests to man as he purifies his body from material properties.

The body can become its proper instrument when the space within is opened,

when all the tubes and veins in it are free.

Then the sound which exists eternally in space becomes manifest inwardly also.

Ecstasy, illumination, restfulness, fearlessness, rapture, joy and revelation are the effects of this sound.

To some it manifests of itself, to others when they are in a negative state

caused by weakness of the body or mind; to neither of these is it a benefit,

but on the other hand it causes them to become abnormal.

This sound only elevates those who open themselves to it by the sacred practices known to the mystics.

(The Mysticism of Sound and Music, The Mysticism of Sound, The Silent Life)


Ether is the highest element, and is nearest to us, for it surrounds us and is within us.

(Spiritual Liberty, Pearls from the Ocean Unseen, “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit’)


The ether is smoky in color.  It is the commingling of all elements, and even the origin of all. 

It is as the color of mist.  The different grades of its activity have assumed different colors;

therefore it is all colors and no color.  The colors in the rainbow represent the different

colors of the elements collected together as one embodiment of ether.

(Githa I, Mysticism, The Color of the Elements)




©2003 The Ziraat Concentration of North America