The Ziraat Concentration of North America

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Ziraat Summer Solstice Message

Souls in their evolution through the kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal, and human retain the experience and impressions of those kingdoms.  In each progressive stage comes increased freedom.  In the natural world we can see this in the greater ability to move and adapt.  The stone has little to say when it shall be moved.  It is totally at the mercy of the elements.  The plant often changes locations between generations with the scattering of new seed and thrives when circumstances are beneficial, but with its roots planted in the earth cannot up and move when conditions become harsh.  The animal has the opportunity during a single lifespan to move about, to find shelter, food, and companionship.  When we come to the human being further dimensions of freedom emerge. 

As human beings we have the ability to conceive of, and manifest, ideas that lie beyond the reaches of the other kingdoms.  With this freedom comes the possibility for tremendous creativity, but also the potential for activity that is out of harmony with the wisdom of the nature’s intrinsic cycles, hence much of the destruction we have seen humanity wreak upon the earth.  Bringing awareness to nature’s rhythms both outwardly with the seasons and the reflection of those rhythms inwardly allows us to flow with life and become a more “natural” human being.

Our inclination is to live in accordance, to at least some extent, the outer seasons, such as enjoying quietude during the winter or feeling a flush of new energy in the spring.

So what is the natural cycle of this time of year?   With summer comes an intensification of light and heat, which means ripening. What does ripening mean?  In plants with ripening comes quality, expressed as flavor, fragrance, and color.
In the cycle of our lives this also is true.  Come summer initiatives that were conceived of in winter, planted and nurtured in the spring have grown, but still need to ripen, to develop qualitatively.  We must be wise and not reap too soon, or the fulfillment of our intention will not be complete.

Here are my Summer Solstice questions for you.  What is beginning to ripen in your life right now?  In the anticipation of the harvest to come do you have the patience to allow it to develop qualitatively?  Will you invoke the light to ripen the fulfillment of your desire?